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Proof That Samsung Is Shamelessly Copying Apple

For some strange reason Samsung is very adamant about copying apple and they haven’t tried in the slightest to deny it. So much so that when they published drawings for their watch, they were exactly the same as the apple watch. Clearly, everyone from the engineers to the lawyers who submitted the drawings didn’t seem to care that they were copying apple.

If you look at these drawings of the Samsung watch, you can tell immediately how similar it is to the apple watch.

Samsung 1


The Painfully Obvious Similarities

Samsung 2


The apparent design markings, including the rectangular watch face, the Digital Crown, and the secondary button, and the heart rate sensor on the back. Even the straps resemble actual Apple products. A business insider explains that the patent application includes generic smart watch drawings, so it’s strange to see an apple product in a patent meant for future Samsung smart watch designs.

Any Lawsuits Pending?

There is a long history of Samsung copying apple and U.S. courts have already ruled in favor of apple many times in the past. Although Samsung has been able to win a few appeals, it is still regarded as an Apple imitator.


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