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And the Best iPhone Award Goes To…

If you’re someone who can’t live without your iPhone and wouldn’t consider going the android route for as long as you live, you probably want to know which iPhone is the best one out there before Apple comes out with a new and improved one next year. Currently, there five different types of iPhones you can buy from apple and each one has its own pros and cons. Let’s break down which iPhone is the best one for you and your specific needs: the 6s plus, 6s, 6 plus, 6, and the SE.

6S Plus:

Award 1

This is the largest, best and most expensive phone that apple currently sells even though the SE is newer. It has many of the same features as its sibling the 6s, like a super fast processor and a new pressure sensitive screen. Unlike the 6 plus it is wider, thicker, and a little heavier. The reason it id heavier and thicker is because of the components needed to power the new 3D touch screen (if you ask me, it’s worth the extra weight). This model is best for people who want the largest possible IPhone screen especially if social media is something consistent in your life, the big screen improves the experience.


Award 2

This model is very similar to the IPhone 6 except for some small changes. The first and for some people the most important change is that it comes in more colors than it used to. One very significant change is that this phone is made with a more durable series 7000 Aluminum like the metal used in the apple watch. The 6s is also slightly heavier and thicker than the 6, but the difference is so small that you won’t even notice it. The resolution of the screen has not been enhanced but now you have 3D touch, which introduces a whole new range of features. In addition to tapping, you can ‘Peek’ and ‘Pop’ by pressing lightly or pressing harder, using this feature you can preview a new message in Mail, for example. Plus, on the home screen, you’ll be able to press on icons to go straight to a particular part of that application, perhaps to take a quick selfie. This model is best for someone who loves to take photos, but the 6s plus is just as good so your final decision may just come down to price in which the 6s would win because it is cheaper then the plus.

6 Plus:

Award 3
Ken Rockwell

This IPhone was Apple’s first Phablet-style phone (the name for a phone that is so big it’s like a small tablet). It had a 5.5-inch screen, do it’s not a lot smaller than the ipad mini. Aside from the fact that it has a better screen, it also has a better camera than the iPhone 6. When it first came out, it was available in gold, silver, and space grey, now they no longer sell the gold so if you want one in gold or rose gold you would have to start looking in the 6s range. This model is best for people who use their phones to watch movies, television, and play games because the phablet sized screen makes for a better experience.


Award 4


The screen on this phone is 4.7 inches (diagonally, corner to corner) larger than the 5s. It is also lighter and thinner than the new iPhone 6s, but it is no loner available in gold. Like the iPhone 6 Plus it features the A8 processor and an NFC chip for Apple Pay payments. Just like the plus this model is best for those who like to watch things on their phones or play games because of the larger screen but the advantage to buying this phone rather than plus is that it is more affordable and who doesn’t love a cheaper price for something like this.


Award 5
Mac Rumors

The iPhone SE is 4 inches and the newest iPhone to be released; it’s also the smallest and the thickest out of the five. On the inside it is a lot like the 6s with the 64bit A9 chipset with 2GB of RAM, although much like the 6 and 6 Plus, is only available in two storage options (16 or 64GB of storage). The camera on this one is not as good as the 6s but still a very good one. This model is best for people with small hands or small pockets, or those who otherwise prefer Apple’s older and smaller smartphones, the iPhone SE is the answer to your prayers.

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