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The Smartphone Drop Test

The Galaxy S7 Active and the Motorola Moto Z Force have been pitted together to see which phone can last the longest after being dropped. Both models have some type of protection in case they are dropped. The Moto Z Force has a shatterproof screen and the Galaxy S7 Active was made to withstand drops from a 5-foot drop onto a flat surface. Now that we know what were dealing with lets see the results.

1 Meter Back Drop

Drop Test1

In the first test the Moto Z Force held up the best. Thanks to the placement of the connectors right on the back of the Moto Mod of the Moto Z Force, that area can handle a lot of strain. That is exactly why it beat out the Galaxy S7. But that doesn’t mean it won them all.

1 Meter Bottom Drop and Side Drop

Drop Test2

This time the Galaxy S7 Active was the winner. The durable plastic build of the phone is the reason for its victory. The Moto Z Force’s metal build did take some damage considering the loud noise it made when it fell. Next was the side drop and once again the Moto Z suffered more than the galaxy.

1 Meter Face Drop

Drop Test3

The Face drop is the scariest drop of all. Surprisingly the Moto Z Force was the best here because of its shatterproof screen. The galaxy didn’t do so badly either and both phones left the competition with no problem. In the end the Galaxy was able to go without a crack until for another 50 rounds until it finally had a small scratch. If you want to know whether or not Moto Z could last for 50 more rounds you’ll have to try it for yourself.

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